Lynne Sachs 10 Short Films (1987-2007) DVD Compilation

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Lynne Sachs: 10 Short Films


Film and Videos on DVD

“XY Chromosome Project” 12 min. 2007
“The Small Ones”, 3 min. video 2006
“Noa, Noa”,  8 min. 16mm, 2006
“Atalanta 32 Years Later” 5 min.  video, 2006
“Tornado”, 4 min.  video 2002
“Photograph of Wind” 4 min. 16mm, silent, 2001
“Window Work”  9 min.  video, 2000
“Following the Object to Its Logical Beginning”, 9 min. 16mm. 1987..
“Still Life With Woman and Four Objects”, 4 min. B&W 16mm., 1986
“Drawn and Quartered”, 4 min. color 16mm., 1987

“Lynne Sachs is best known for her spirited and lyrical essay films—films defined by an unwavering woman’s inflection and a commitment to pry the cracks in official history. However, throughout Sachs’s career, we’ve been treated to a succession of short experimental works that tease out the details of the everyday with the same clarity of vision and instinct for the hand-nurtured image as her much-lauded lengthier works. These films and videotapes, whether they be mystified glimpses of childhood, reinventions of films past, or formal excursions into the poetic, surrender the wonder of a world seen by an artist with a soulful eye and a conscientious heart.”
–Steve Seid, Film-Video Curator, Pacific Film Archive

“Equal parts humanist and formalist, poet and historian, telling tales that are both timeless and political, Lynne Sachs creates film worlds in which the textures of daily domestic life are seamlessly connected to the realms of war, political activism, and our response to terrorist attacks. In one film, a grid becomes a secret map for understanding the difference between male and female. In another, an affectionate portrait of her young daughter becomes a study of whirling circular energy. For each of these ten shorts, Sachs creates a unique film language, by weaving together images, sounds, and words that evoke a particular way of viewing the world. All of these works reveal a sensibility that refuses to flatten either life or art, insisting on a multilevel reality in which the personal and the universal become doorways to a broader consciousness.”
–David Finkelstein, writer for

“Sachs suspends in time a single moment of her daughter.”
— Fred Camper, Chicago Reader

“Very gentle and evocative of foreign feelings.”
–George Kuchar, filmmaker

“Profound, the soundtrack amazing….the image of the girl with the avocado seed so hopeful.”
–Barbara Hammer, filmmkaer

“In Sachs’s theatrical, microcosmic worlds, the everyday is defamiliarized. Objects — toys, hands, a cherry pie, a miniature Empire State Building — resonate and tremble.”  Bosko Blagojevic,

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Selected Screenings:
TriBeca Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Tate Museum of Art London, Whitney Museum of Art