Lynne Sachs’ catalog and selected films are available for screening, rental, and purchase through a variety of distributors, streaming services, and sales representatives.

The Criterion Channel

For Streaming on Demand

The Criterion Channel is an independent streaming service that features an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary films from Hollywood and around the world, many not available anywhere else. In addition to hosting the Criterion Collection and Janus Films’ celebrated library of more than 1,500 films, it also features titles from a wide array of studio and independent licensors and original programming exclusive to the service. Along with the constantly refreshed thematic programming, subscribers to the Criterion Channel can also enjoy more than 500 shorts and 5,000 supplementary features, including trailers, introductions, behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews, video essays, commentary tracks, and rare archival footage.

Canyon Cinema

For Rentals & Purchases
Canyon Cinema Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about independent, non-commercial, experimental, avant-garde, and artist-made moving images. We manifest this commitment by providing access to our unrivaled collection to universities and cultural organizations worldwide, as well as cultivating scholarship and appreciation of artist-made cinema. We ensure the experience of rare film works in their original medium while also reaching new audiences through our growing digital distribution program.

Canyon Cinema’s unique collection of artist-made films – comprised of digital media, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, and 35mm prints – traces the vital history of the experimental and avant-garde filmmaking movements from 1921 to the present.  With a strong emphasis on American West Coast and San Francisco Bay Area filmmakers, we are the access point to 3,400 ground-breaking works representing 280 artists.

The Film-makers’ Cooperative

For Rentals & Purchases
FMC distributes, archives and promotes non-commercial artists’ cinema and maintains a film and paper archive accessible to researchers to promote the collection through a searchable web catalogue and screenings.

It is the first artist-run organization devoted to the dissemination of moving image art. Artists and estates maintain creative control of their works as we are a non-contractual, non-exclusive, membership based, non-profit group.

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)

For Rentals & Purchases
Established in 1967, CFMDC is a not-for-profit, non-commercial media arts distributor that specializes in independent, artist made work on film and video including works from historically underrepresented communities. We advocate for a holistic understanding of production, distribution and exhibition that prioritizes artist rights, accessibility and the creation of new audiences through education and critical thinking. We have one of the most important collections of artist-made moving image on film in Canada and have recently moved into a facility with a specially designed space for our 16mm, 35mm and (s)8mm collection.

Through a unique and successful national and international distribution service, CFMDC makes its collection available for preview, rental or sale for the purposes of research, exhibition, screening and broadcast as well as for institutional and private acquisition. We work with and distribute on multiple formats including; celluloid, video, digital, and DCP. Both physical media and online streaming. 

The Cinema Guild

North American distribution of select titles:
Film About a Father Who (2020)
Tip of My Tongue (2018)
Your Day is My Night (2014)

Based in New York City, The Cinema Guild is a distributor of independent, foreign and documentary films.

Kino Rebelde – International Sales Agent / Representative

For International Screenings & Engagements
Kino Rebelde is a Sales and Festival Distribution Agency created by María Vera in early 2017. Its exclusively dedicated to promotion of non-fiction cinema, hybrid narratives and experimental.

Based on the creative distribution of few titles by year, Kino Rebelde established itself as a “boutique agency”, working on a specialized strategy for each film, within its own characteristics, market potential, niches and formal and alternative windows.

This company supports short, medium and long feature films, from any country, with linear or non-linear narratives. They can be in development or WIP, preferably in the editing stage.

The focus: author point of view, pulse of stories, chaos, risk, more questions, less answers, aesthetic and politic transgression, empathy, identities, desires and memory.

Kino Rebelde was born in Madrid, but as its films, this is a nomadic project. In the last years María has been living in Lisbon, Belgrade and Hanoi and she’ll keep moving around.

Icarus Films

U.S. distribution of select titles:
The Last Happy Day (2009)
Sermons and Sacred Pictures (1989)
States of UnBelonging (2005)
Which Way Is East: Notebooks from Vietnam (1994)

Since 1978, Icarus Films has been a leading distributor of documentary films in North America. Led by longtime president Jonathan Miller, we work with independent producers worldwide to release 30-50 new films a year, and represent a collection of well over 1,000 titles.


For Streaming on Demand
With the help of an unprecedented collaborative effort by eight of the most noteworthy, independent film distribution companies in the U.S., Docuseek, LLC launched an innovative, new, subscription video-on-demand service, OVID.tv.

OVID.tv will provide North American viewers with access to thousands of documentaries, independent films, and notable works of international cinema, largely unavailable on any other platform.

OVID’s initial offerings fall into roughly three categories: a) powerful films addressing urgent political and social issues, such as climate change, and economic justice; b) in-depth selections of creative documentaries by world-famous directors; and c) cutting-edge arthouse feature and genre films by contemporary directors as well as established masters. And new films in all three areas will be added to the OVID collection every two weeks.

OVID.tv is an initiative of Docuseek, LLC, which operates Docuseek, a streaming service for colleges and universities which was established in 2012, streaming a library of over 1600 titles.


Kanopy streams thoughtful entertainment to your preferred device with no fees and no commercials by partnering with public libraries and universities. Everyone from film scholars to casual viewers will discover remarkable and enriching films on Kanopy. Log in with your library membership and enjoy our diverse catalog with new titles added every month.

At Kanopy we believe in the power of film to bridge cultural boundaries and bring people together. 


For Streaming on Demand
Fandor is an American subscription film streaming service dedicated to elevating independent cinema. Fandor “specializes in independent films, classics, silent films, foreign films, documentaries and shorts”. … Fandor is available to stream in the United States and Canada on web, iOS, Android, and Roku.