Lynne guest edits Millennium Film Journal’s Issue on Experiments in Documentary

MFJ51 Cover

“Experiments in Documentary”
Millennium Film Journal 51 (Spring/Summer 2009)
Guest Edited by Lucas Hilderbrand and Lynne Sachs

These media artists challenge the way we see (and hear) documentary. While visually and aurally innovative, they are also socially engaged, offering cultural critiques that cannot be reduced to a singular agenda. Through their engagement with images and institutions, they open up new ways of examining how we understand our world and our history.

Featuring contributions by
Peggy Ahwesh, Tommy Becker, Michelle Citron, Donigan Cumming, Jeanne
Finley, Sasha Waters Freyer, Su Friedrich, Richard Fung, Barbara Hammer,
Lucas Hilderbrand, Adele Horne, Liza Johnson, Alexandra Juhasz, Jonathan
Kahana, Leandro Katz, Caroline Koebel, Ernie Larsen, Jessie Lerner, Julia
Meltzer, Sherry Millner, Frédéric Moffet, John Muse, Lynne Sachs, MM
Serra, Conrad Steiner, Deborah Stratman, Mark Street, Tess Takahashi,
David Thorne, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Grahame Weinbren, Chie Yamayoshi, and
Greg Youmans

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