A Morning with Jack Waters

A Morning with Jack Waters (2018)
HD Video, 46:34, color, sound

In conversation with filmmaker Lynne Sachs, multi-disciplinary artist Jack Waters discusses his career and experiences as a part of the downtown New York City art scene from the early 80s to the present.

Jack Waters works as a visual artist, filmmaker, writer, media artist, choreographer and performer. As a versatile and multi-faceted artist, his work has been celebrated in all of its forms, showing at the La Mama Galleria (NYC), Fales Library and Special Collections (NYC), Frise (Hamburg, Germany). His films have screened internationally and have been aired on the Sundance Channel and PBS amongst others. Recently, he performed as Jason in Stephen Winter’s highly acclaimed feature film “Jason and Shirley”, a historical re-imagining of the making of Shirley Clarke’s 1967 landmark film “Portrait of Jason”.

With his partner, Peter Cramer, Waters helped to establish and foster various collectives and projects such as POOL, a dance and performance collective which “explored contact and other forms of improvisation… creating performance work, choreography, and ephemeral events in NYC” and beyond.

Additionally, Waters and Cramer are co founders of Le Petit Versailles, a Green Thumb Garden on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that is “committed to providing a space for performers, filmmakers and visual artist to show their work.” In this way Waters continues to engage with and support the downtown community arts scene.

Zehentner, Steve. The Lower East Side Biography Project stevezehentner.com/jack-waters-les-bio-project

Filmed in Jack’s home on the Lower East Side on February 15th, 2018.