2000, 33RD ANNUAL HUMBOLDT INT’L FILM FESTIVAL / Lynne Sachs as Festival Judge

We’d love to regale you with faerie tales of how things all came together, on time (ahead of time, even), how all we really did was make a few phone calls, watch a few films, and a festival just materialized.

But we’d be lying.

Rather, ours is more of a cautionary tale: a tempest-tossed sea filled with missed classes, empty gallons of midnight oil, and countless abandoned bodies in our wake. Yet somewhere, in the debris of our madness, from the ashes rose the phoenix of this week’s festival, which we proudly present to you. Pay no attention to the trio of lunatics who linger in the shadows, turn your eyes to the screen. These shows are for you: the audience, the filmmakers, the world.

The future of film starts here.