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Onion City Experimental Film Festival 2024 / Contractions


Saturday, April 6 2024 | 5:00 PM | 73 Mins | Chicago Filmmakers


Otherhood* | Deborah Stratman | USA, Jordan, Brazil | 2023 | 3 Mins
Mother and child confront the other. Meanwhile, some ladies are thinking.
*In-Person Screening Only

Contractions* | Lynne Sachs | USA | 2024 | 12 Mins
What happens when those who gestate no longer have control of their bodies? In 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court ended a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion in the United States. CONTRACTIONS takes us to Memphis, Tennessee where we contemplate the discontinuation of abortion services at a women’s health clinic.
*In-Person Screening Only

I Am a Horse | Chaerin Im | Republic of Korea, Denmark | 2022 | 8 Mins 
Unable to find girls in the diverse artwork of the Korean artist Lee Jung-seob, filmmaker Chaerin Im unravels an imaginative tale of women born with half of their bodies as a horse and a tiger. The tale is inspired by her mother’s Korean birth dreams (Tae-mong) while pregnant with her twin sister and herself.

Grandmamauntsistercat* | Zuza Banasinska | The Netherlands, Poland | 2024 | 23 Mins
Created from the Polish Educational Archive materials, this film tells the story of a matriarchal family through the eyes of a child grappling with the reproduction of ideological and representational systems.
*In-Person Screening Only

Hemorrhage | Ruth Hayes | USA | 2023 | 4 Mins
Animated agitprop against the end of Roe and the evisceration of women’s rights to choose.

legs | Jennifer Still, Christine Fellows, Chantel Mierau | Canada | 2023 | 15 Mins
Three artists work in stride to translate, in sound and motion, the heart of a poem. They collaborate with life’s unexpecteds – snapped clotheslines, drained swimming pools, terminal diagnoses – and learn what falls away is not necessarily gone.

First Aid – Test Series 1 | Maria Anna Dewes, Myriam Thyes | Germany | 2022 | 9 Mins
Care and violence, acknowledgement and reprehension, to give or withdraw support: the video finds performative, sculptural, bizarre and poetic images for this range of diverse gestures and actions. They line up like a series of tests reflecting interpersonal relationships and current social conditions.

62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival / Contractions


The 62nd Ann Arbor Film Festival will take place March 26–31, 2024 (online March 26–April 7). Each program is different. Films are not rated. All programs are intended for mature audiences except for Saturday’s Almost All Ages (6+) program. Some films have imagery of a stroboscopic nature.

SATURDAY 3/30/24

Films in Competition 11


Michigan Theater Main Auditoirum | 7:30pm | $

Destination Ann Arbor

U-M Department of Afroamerican and African Studies

U-M Black Film Society
African American Cultural and Historical Museum of Washtenaw County

Jackie & John Farah

Lynne Sachs
Brooklyn, NY | 2024 | DCP

WORLD PREMIERE (online unavailable)

In 2022, the US Supreme Court ended a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion in the United States. In a place where a woman can no longer make decisions about her own body, a group of activist performers “speak” with the full force of their collective presence. 

True / False Film Festival / “Impossible Solution” Short Film Program and Campfire Story

February 29 – March 3, 2024

With cinema as a focal point, Ragtag Film Society exists to captivate and engage communities in immersive arts experiences that explore assumptions and elicit shared joy, wonder, and introspection.




Embedded within this program are an array of storytelling approaches and diverse techniques, each offering a distinct lens through which to explore the themes of identity, community, and human connection. As this program unfolds, the films interweave these themes into a rich tapestry of narratives, inviting us to delve into the intricacies of the human experience. From the movements of experimental choreography to the vibrant art strokes that animate the frame, and the immersive worlds of fictional reenactments, these films showcase a spectrum of creative expressions, each contributing to the multifaceted exploration of our shared humanity. (Eynar Pineda, Artistic Co-Director)

Amma ki Katha | Dir. Nehal Vyas; 2023; India, USA; 21 min
A creative and incisive look at how history is written and rewritten as a filmmaker unpacks the
myth-making of her homeland, India.

L’Esquisse | Dir. Tomas Cali; 2023; France; 9 min
Animated strokes blend with live-action, when an immigrant artist encounters a new muse who helps them make meaning in a new country.

Four Holes | Dir. Daniela Muñoz Barroso; 2023; Cuba, France; 20 min
Filmmaker and subject find common ground in this humorous portrait of Pepe, the mastermind behind a DIY golf course on the outskirts of Madrid.

Two Sun | Dir. Blair Barnes; 2024; USA; 5 min
A mood piece with its own rhythm, this evocative film explores the relationship to the self and our
ever-evolving understanding of identity.

Contractions | Dir. Lynne Sachs; 2024; USA; 12 min
Intimate confessions, paired with experimental choreography outside a woman’s clinic in Memphis, offer a glimpse into post Roe v. Wade America. (Plays in Shorts: Impossible Solution)

Producers Emily Berisso and Laura Goodman and Editor Anthony Svatek with Lynne Sachs at the Premiere of Contractions at True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri.

Lynne telling a Campfire Story at True / False Film Festival.



Coming Soon to Chelsea Theater

57 mins | Rated TBC | Short Film

The COSMIC RAYS FILM FESTIVAL is an annual celebration of short films that expand our idea of what film is and what it can be.

The Festival presents several programs of short films made by filmmakers from North Carolina and around the world that are formally inventive; speak with a personal voice; and are inspired by the possibilities of film as art.


Rituals to ward off the demons or lead us through the abyss. Incantations in the face of dropped frames and radioactivity. If the choice is between love or religion, what are you waiting for?

Ashes of Rose
Sasha Waters, 2023
RT: 11:30 minutes

Her Backyard / My Front Window
Billy Palumbo, 2023
RT: 3:36 minutes

Hey Sweet Pea
Alee Peoples, 2023
RT: 4:08 minutes

Three Mystics
Ioanna Filippopoulou, 2023
RT: 8:34 minutes

We’ll Go Down The Abyss in Silence
Vincent Guilbert, 2023
RT: 11:00 minutes

Richard Ashrowan, 2023
RT: 3:22 minutes

Deborah Stratman, 2023
RT: 3:00minutes

Poem For Three Voices
Lan Anh Chu, 2023
RT: 02:44 minutes

Lynne Sachs, 2024
RT: 10:00 minutes

Total Runtime: 57 minutes

DOC NYC MEET THE 2023 JURORS / Lynne Sachs as Kaleidoscope Competition Juror

Lynne Sachs serves as Kaleidoscope Juror for DOC NYC 2023.


Kaleidoscope Grand Jury Prize Winner: ZINZINDURRUNKARRATZ

NEW YORK PREMIERE In this gem of minimalist and poetic magnetism, filmmaker Oskar Alegría and adorable donkey Paolo embark on a journey to bring provisions to the last shepherd of the Andia Mountains. Retracing the seasonal route his grandfather made with his flock, Alegría collects a trove of memories from a disappearing world, embodied in sounds and degraded silent images captured with his father’s Super-8 camera. Ancient songs, sounds, and encounters chart a way of life mostly forgotten.
– Ruth Somalo 

Lynne Sachs and Oskar Alegría.

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen / Swerve

Swerve is streaming with the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen on an on-going basis.

Wearing the tell-tale masks of our daunting now, five New York City performers search for a meal in a Queens market while speaking in verse. The film itself transforms into an ars poetica/cinematica, a meditation on writing and making images in the liminal space between a global pandemic and what might come next. Inspired by Filipinx-American Paolo Javier’s Original Brown Boy poems.

2000, 33RD ANNUAL HUMBOLDT INT’L FILM FESTIVAL / Lynne Sachs as Festival Judge

We’d love to regale you with faerie tales of how things all came together, on time (ahead of time, even), how all we really did was make a few phone calls, watch a few films, and a festival just materialized.

But we’d be lying.

Rather, ours is more of a cautionary tale: a tempest-tossed sea filled with missed classes, empty gallons of midnight oil, and countless abandoned bodies in our wake. Yet somewhere, in the debris of our madness, from the ashes rose the phoenix of this week’s festival, which we proudly present to you. Pay no attention to the trio of lunatics who linger in the shadows, turn your eyes to the screen. These shows are for you: the audience, the filmmakers, the world.

The future of film starts here.