XY Chromosome Project

The XY Chromosome Project follows the career paths of Lynne Sachs and Mark Street. To follow this
path is to trace a blueprint on devotion.

Crucial Viewing / Cine-file by Kat Sachs

Much like filmmaker Lynne Sachs’ acclaimed 2013 documentary hybrid YOUR DAY IS MY NIGHT, THE WASHING SOCIETY, a medium-length quasi-documentary she co-directed with performer-playwright Lizzie Olesker, penetrates the hidden worlds that exist adjacent to us.

Frames and Stanzas: Video Poems / The Flowchart Foundation

“Lynne’s virtual workshop will include the screening of some of her own recent short film poems, including “Starfish Aorta Colossus” and “Swerve” (2015, 2022 made with poet Paolo Javier), “A Month of Single Frames” (2019)…”