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Cinema of Resistance Video Collection from Women’s March

Hello fellow documentartians, We are gathering CINEMA OF RESISTANCE videos from all over the US/ World beginning with the historical Jan. 21, 2017 Women’s March. Be a part of our video/film collective. It’s extremely easy. Just post anything you have recorded with your camera or cell phone to Youtube. Any length. Then send me the link via FB message and I will add it to the growing collection. It’s extremely important to save and share this material for our history, for posterity, for solace. We have images from Arizona and Nebraska, no lie, proving that there is passionate objection to the direction the US is going in the red-est of states. Inspired by the words Woodie Gutherie wrote on his own guitar in 1941, we must remember that our cameras can fight fascism.

Here is And Then We Marched, the film I made for the collection:

Take a look at my essay “This Camera Fights Fascism” here on Otherzine: