True / False Film Festival / “Impossible Solution” Short Film Program and Campfire Story

February 29 – March 3, 2024

With cinema as a focal point, Ragtag Film Society exists to captivate and engage communities in immersive arts experiences that explore assumptions and elicit shared joy, wonder, and introspection.


Embedded within this program are an array of storytelling approaches and diverse techniques, each offering a distinct lens through which to explore the themes of identity, community, and human connection. As this program unfolds, the films interweave these themes into a rich tapestry of narratives, inviting us to delve into the intricacies of the human experience. From the movements of experimental choreography to the vibrant art strokes that animate the frame, and the immersive worlds of fictional reenactments, these films showcase a spectrum of creative expressions, each contributing to the multifaceted exploration of our shared humanity. (Eynar Pineda, Artistic Co-Director)

Amma ki Katha | Dir. Nehal Vyas; 2023; India, USA; 21 min
A creative and incisive look at how history is written and rewritten as a filmmaker unpacks the
myth-making of her homeland, India.

L’Esquisse | Dir. Tomas Cali; 2023; France; 9 min
Animated strokes blend with live-action, when an immigrant artist encounters a new muse who helps them make meaning in a new country.

Four Holes | Dir. Daniela Muñoz Barroso; 2023; Cuba, France; 20 min
Filmmaker and subject find common ground in this humorous portrait of Pepe, the mastermind behind a DIY golf course on the outskirts of Madrid.

Two Sun | Dir. Blair Barnes; 2024; USA; 5 min
A mood piece with its own rhythm, this evocative film explores the relationship to the self and our
ever-evolving understanding of identity.

Contractions | Dir. Lynne Sachs; 2024; USA; 12 min
Intimate confessions, paired with experimental choreography outside a woman’s clinic in Memphis, offer a glimpse into post Roe v. Wade America. (Plays in Shorts: Impossible Solution)

Producers Emily Berisso and Laura Goodman and Editor Anthony Svatek with Lynne Sachs at the Premiere of Contractions at True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri.

Lynne telling a Campfire Story at True / False Film Festival.