Year By Year Poems (2019)

When filmmaker Lynne Sachs turned fifty, she dedicated herself to writing a poem for every year of her life, so far.

To your health, a poem

Here is a poem I wrote before the passage of Obama’s Health Care plan. The worry continues as we speed our way toward the next election.

Visit to New Orleans

Visit to New Orleans Grey afternoon everything carved away gaunt woman in once-tight jeans zig-zags patterns, boulevard desolate. Archeological trash pile not for garbage collector. Everything carved away. Dogs no longer here. Old kitten dangling thread, teasing between splinters from a screen door stretching blissful open and shut by the arm of the wind. Woman […]

Lilith Poetry by Lynne Sachs

Lilith Speaks to Adam Just when I am on my way to becoming, My eyes open and you are there. Is Eden large enough for the two of us? Wherever I turn, there are branches pulling at my hair, Earth between my toes and under my tongue. I slither and sometimes I use my wings. […]