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still from Tiff Rekem’s Declarations of Love


Watch a conversation with the filmmakers below.

In these four distinct experimental documentaries, each artist takes us on a journey of introspection, embracing an inventive cinematic language that sparks us into thinking about the fragility of our place on this earth. In each film, we are given a new context by which to grapple with the delicacy of the mind, the body and the image.

In “The Whelming Sea”, Sean Hanley shares a side of New York City that most of us have never seen. With tenderness and insight, he unveils the wild adventure of the horseshoe crab as it lands on the beaches of New York City, one of the largest metropolises in the United States. With our climate as overwhelmed as it is, this could be a very distressing migration story, but somehow these animals survive.

Tiff Rekem’s “Declarations of Love” witnesses the filmmaker’s father struggling in his own sardonic way to survive modern life. Hardly daunted by the encroaching fires broiling within view of his comfortable desert home, he mows the lawn, feeds his turtle and deals with the intricacies of a befuddled customer service caller. He can’t be too lonely; his daughter is there, behind the camera, giving him all
the permissions he needs to simply be himself.

Artist rebecca shapass brings us into a dystopic cosmos that is both familiar and other-worldly in her film “no more room in hell”. Inhabited by zombies rather than people or animals, this liminal nocturnal space never truly witnesses the light of day. Inside a decaying industrial cityscape, we are thrown into the spirit of a late 1960s George Romero horror film through the trajectory of a driverless car. Together, these disparate milieus propel us into thinking about our propensity to go as fast as we can toward oblivion.

In Erica Sheu’s cine-poem “Grandmother’s Scissors” we find an intimate silent conversation built around the exchange of images and lines of poetic text shared by a grand-daughter filmmaker with her seamstress grandmother. Ingeniously constructed like a filmic tapestry, Sheu’s celebration of her elder gives voice to a woman who knows that strength come to us all by way of a “strong heart” and a bold,
confident vision.

The Whelming Sea by Sean Hanley (29 mins, color, sound, 2020)

Declarations of Love by Tiff Rekem (29 min. color, sound, 2022)

no more room in hell by rebecca shapass (23 min., color, sound, 2023)

Grandma’s Scissors by Erica Sheu (6 min, Super 8, color & b/w, silent, 2021

Watch the four films here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/lynnesachscurated

Read more via PDF here.

no more room in hell by rebecca shapass