“Film About a Father Who” Screening In Madrid

La Casa Encendida
Film About a Father Who
Screening February 26 & 27 

Shot over 35 years, the film looks at the life of the filmmaker’s father and the children, wives and girlfriends he left in his wake. The filmmaker presents the film on both screening days.

Film About a Father Who , by Lynne Sachs. United States, 2020. 74′. YOU

A kaleidoscopic portrait filmed between 1984 and 2019 in multiple formats – Super 8, 16mm, VHS and HD – in which Lynne Sachs delves into the controversial figure of her father, Ira Sachs Sr., a bon vivant from Utah, extravagant appearance, hotel industry entrepreneur, manipulator, selfish and charismatic seducer, who led a life full of secrets, had nine children (among them is also the filmmaker Ira Sachs Jr.) with five women, some of whom remained hidden for the rest of the family for years. The film reflects on the life of this man and how his decisions affected the whole family, and is also a suggestive study of the passage of time both in form and substance.

Lynne Sachs (USA, 1961) is a filmmaker, poet and artist based in New York. She received a BA in History with a minor in Art from Brown University (Providence). Her first contact with the world of cinema was in 1985 through the prestigious Flaherty seminar in New York. Later, she moved to San Francisco, where she made her first experiments in celluloid and began collaborating with filmmakers such as Bruce Conner, George Kuchar, Barbara Hammer, Craig Baldwin, Ernie Gehr and Gunvor Nelson. In 1989 she directed her first film De Ella Sermons and Sacred Pictures. Since then, she has developed a long career with more than 30 works and titles such as Investigation of a Flame (2003); The Small Ones (2007); orYour Day Is My Night (2013), with which he has participated in numerous festivals such as Sundance, NYFF, BAFICI, Sheffield Doc, Oberhausen or Tribeca.

*Filmmaker Lynne Sachs presents the film on both screening days.

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