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Cinema Garage with LYNNE SACHS
Curated by Sphere

Sphere presents CINEMA GARAGE WITH LYNNE SACHS, an opportunity for open exchange with the experimental filmmaker and her latest feature, Film About A Father Who. Shot over a period of 35 years, this film is a mesmerizing exploration of the director’s relationship with her father, touching upon larger questions of family structures, morality, polyamory etc. Participants of this interactive programme will get to watch her film and engage in a live conversation with Lynne. We are looking forward to an open flow of ideas and discussion, like sitting in a garage and thinking through literature, cinema, and relationships.

The event will take place on 18th July at 7 PM IST and the film link will be provided to the participants a day before that. Along with, some live screening links of her work will be shared during the session to make this experience more engaging and experimental.

As you have reached the registration portal already, let’s watch the trailer first.

Register (free) yourselves before 5th July. The slots are limited.

Curated by SPHERE


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