Lynne Sachs at International House in Philadelphia Nov. 12


Friday, November 12 at 7pm

3701 Chestnut St. Philiadelphia
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, USA

An Evening with Lynne Sachs

Wind in Our Hair

dir. Lynne Sachs, US, 2010, BetaSP, 40 mins, color

Inspired by the stories of Argentine writer Julio Cortazar, yet blended with the realities of contemporary Argentina, Wind in Our Hair is an experimental narrative about four girls discovering themselves through a fascination with the trains that pass by their house. A story of early-teen anticipation and disappointment, Wind in Our Hair is circumscribed by a period of profound Argentine political and social unrest.

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The Last Happy Day
dir. Lynne Sachs, US, 2009, BetaSP, 39 mins, color

A portrait of a doctor who saw the worst of society, and ran away. The Last Happy Day is an experimental documentary portrait of Sandor (Alexander) Lenard, a Hungarian medical doctor and a distant cousin of filmmaker Lynne Sachs.  In 1938, Lenard, a Jewish doctor and writer, fled the Nazis to a safe haven in Rome. Shortly thereafter, the US Army Graves Registration Service hired him to reconstruct the bones — small and large — of dead American soldiers.  Eventually he found himself in remotest Brazil, translating Winnie the Pooh into Latin, an eccentric task that catapulted him to brief world-wide fame.  Sachs’ essay film uses personal letters, abstract war imagery, home movies, interviews, and a children’s performance to create an intimate meditation on the destructive power of war.