Lynne Sachs on Jury for 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival

We’re incredibly excited to announce the selection of three esteemed jurors for the 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival, scheduled for March 24–29, 2020. The three will attend the six-day festival, viewing more than 120 films in competition and awarding roughly $22,500 in cash and in-kind awards.

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The film is generous in its portrayal of Sachs’ father and achingly vulnerable in its attempt to make sense of the wake of affection and resentment he has left behind. Sachs takes a story that could have been overly dramatic and judgmental and instead constructs a nuanced meditation on what it feels like to love someone whose actions have hurt us and others.

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Documentaries are often that idea that what you see is not what you will get in the end and in a way because of the brave way in which Lynne chooses to put herself out there, comfortable or not, we really see a 4th wall crash that presents such a compelling and shocking result.