Every Fold Matters

EVERY FOLD MATTERS is a collaborative, site-specific performance with film about the work of doing laundry by playwright/director Lizzie Olesker and experimental filmmaker Lynne Sachs.

“Extra Long Twin” film performance premieres in Pratt’s RiDE Series

In the spirit of the RIDE (Risk/Dare/Experiment) series, Sachs and a small group of Pratt students will present Extra Long Twin, their original 15-minute live film-performance as a finale to the program. Expanding upon the theme of the bed in Sachs’ film Your Day Is My Night , Pratt art students will utilize the bed as a starting point for inquiry into the personal and collective experience of living in a New York City apartment or dormitory.

Last Address: an elegy for a generation of NYC artists who died of AIDS

New York University’s Kimmel Center will display Last Address, an exhibition eulogizing a generation of New York City artists who died of AIDS, by the New York-based brother and sister filmmakers Ira Sachs and Lynne Sachs, with designer Bernhard Blythe, Sofia Gallísa, and Andrei Alupului. The exhibition, comprising 13 translucent, color photographs (67 x 42 in.) will be installed on the exterior of the Kimmel Windows Gallery, located at La Guardia Place & West 3rd St. Last Address will open April 9 and remain on view through May 31, 2010.

XY Chromosome Project #2 “City Salvage”

Lynne Sachs and Mark Street With special guests audio pranksters Bosko Blagojevic and Zach Poff CITY SALVAGE is the second installment of Lynne and Mark’s XY Chromosome project, a dynamic feast for the eyes, ears and mind that considers the cities of HANOI, SANTIAGO, BUFFALO, SAO PAOLO, PRAGUE, NEW YORK, TEL AVIV & SAN FRANCISCO, […]


An impressionistic odyssey for the eyes becomes both haunting and delightful in this moving image dream expedition.

Mary Moylan: Nine Years Underground

“Mary Moylan: 9 years underground”  by Lynne Sachs a multi-media biography using video, audio, postcards and artifacts Premiere:  Maryland Film Festival, Charles Theatre;  Maryland Art Place Artist Residency Mary Moylan, a 32-year-old registered nurse and midwife from Baltimore, was one of two women in the infamous 1968 anti-war group the Catonsville Nine. A feminist and […]

Horror Vacui: Nature Abhors a Vacuum synopsis

A woman drinks tea, washes a window, reads the paper– simple tasks that suggest a desire to fill time with either movement or thought.  Sometimes she hears the rhythmic, pulsing symphony of crickets in a Baltimore summer night. Other times jangling toys dissolve into the roar of a jet overhead, or children tremble at the […]