A Collection & A Conversation / Gene Siskel Film Center

This program of four short and medium-length pieces highlights Sachs’ filmography from a poetic, personal perspective, as she uses her camera to capture the essence of people, places, and moments in time.

Lecture: “Celebrating Maria Lassnig on Film” / MFA Boston

Maria Lassnig may be known best for her paintings, but the artist was also a pioneer in the world of film. Lassnig’s work often focused on themes of autobiography, friendship, New York City, and, perhaps most ambitiously, physical sensation.

“Crises of Language and Difference” by Liz Kotz / AFTERIMAGE (1989)

“The thirty-fifth annual Robert Flaherty Seminar, help this August in upstate New York, proved a case in point. With this year’s focus on work by “third world and minority film and video artists,” programmed by Pearl Bower of African Diaspora Images, excitement and expectations were high.”

Meet Our Guests 2022 / Centre Film Festival

The Centre Film Festival is a grass-roots organization founded to bring multigenerational stories to the screen and to create a platform for storytelling and dialogue.