Cinema & Curiosity: A Conversation between Alexandra Cuesta and Lynne Sachs

Lynne Sachs and Alex Cuesta at Anthology Film

Alex: Since I was young I have always been curious about the world around me. I used to draw a lot, and make collages, but I never had an art education until I got to college where I decided to study photography without knowing why at the time. I didn’t get into filmmaking until much later, and I was never interested in conventional filmmaking- separation of roles, genres, storytelling.

Scenic Ruptures: Experimental Documentaries from New York City and Los Angeles


Ten New York City artists ranging in age from 24 to 80 bring their personal impressions of the place they call home to Quito’s EDOCS screen. This program of experimental documentaries transforms a “bigger than life” metropolis into a place full of delicate, sometimes dirty, occasionally shiny images that will certainly complicate the more famous, monolithic images created by the mainstream media.

Asian American Life TV features Your Day is My Night in Focus on Chinatown Shiftbeds


Asian American Life’s  Minnie Roh brings us to Chinatown, to a community of undocumented immigrants hidden from view who live in a form of housing known as “shiftbeds.” Featuring excerpts form Your Day is My Night  with a special focus on our beloved wedding singer Yun Xiu Huang. An interview with director Lynne Sachs is also […]