BBC Talking Movies features Experimental Film in NYC

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Post by BBC Talking Movies. The Filmmakers Co-op was profiled by the BBC Talking Movies program in September 2014. Great interviews with Gregg Biermann, Mary Magdalene Serra, and Ephraim Asili, Lynne Sachs as well as footage of Insha Fitzpatrick and films by Maya Deren, Shirley Clarke, Jonas Mekas, and several others. With a special cameo […]

MIFF movie review: ‘Your Day is my Night’


Lynne Sachs has spent 25 years of her young life making films, installations and documentaries from Vietnam to Bosnia and all corners of the world. She is a master of the art and a gifted collector of the tiny moments of the human comedy and tragedy.

Critics Page: “The Thing is No More” by Lynne Sachs in The Brooklyn Rail

The Brooklyn Rail

I like making things. Objects that are distinct, take up space, have weight and texture, can be given as gifts, are occasionally sold, contain the very story of their making in the material of their being. And so it is with a stubborn adolescent fury that I refuse to believe that the work I do as a filmmaker is being pushed so quickly and definitively from the three dimensional into the digital and ultimately to the virtual world.