Tran Trang’s Blindness Series: My Letter to Helene Cixous

Helen Cixous

Thoughts on Tran Kim Trang’s Decade with Blindness: A Letter to Hélène Cixous from Lynne Sachs Published in More Than Meets the Eye: TheVideos of Tran T. Kim-Trang by Jesse Lerner, Trang Tran, and Holly Willis “I want to see what is secret.  What is hidden amongst the visible.  I want to see the […]

agnès films Review of Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor

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Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor is an exquisite dance shared by filmmakers and their literal and metaphorical lenses. It’s also a wonderful journey of nostalgia. The look of the 8mm and 16mm film paired with the subject matter easily takes the viewer back to the innovative first moments of women’s experimental filmmaking.