Same Stream Twice

This film is currently screening as a part of the retrospective “Lynne Sachs: Between Thought and Expression” at the Museum of the Moving Image. For inquiries, please contact

“Same Stream Twice”
by Lynne Sachs with Maya Street-Sachs
4 min. 16mm b & w and color on DVD, 2012

Director’s Choice Award – Black Maria Film Festival 2013

My daughter’s name is Maya. I’ve been told that the word maya means illusion in Hindu philosophy. In 2001, I photographed her at six years old, spinning like a top around me. Even then, I realized that her childhood was not something I could grasp but rather – like the wind – something I could feel tenderly brushing across my cheek.  Eleven years later, I pull out my 16mm Bolex camera once again and she allows me to film her – different but somehow the same.

Maya at 17_3 edit

Maya at 5