Sachs/ Selcer Collaboration Featured in “The Current Thing”

“The living planet has brought us back to earth. Dream­like travels were, nonetheless, recorded. Self-reflections, Weltschmerz, philosophemes, midlife-crisis-ridden disaster-monologues, poems, revolutionary manifestos and other “insights” transformed into writing, drawing, and even film. “

Visit Lynne Sachs on Decameron Row

In this idiosyncratic, virtual place, the curious could click on a window and peek into each others’ lives, much like we had already been doing with one another.

Senses of Cinema Reviews the 27th Sheffield Doc/Fest

“The lecture interrogates what it means for the camera to analyse the human body and what it means that the body that is in power when filming, the filmmaker’s, is entirely invisible.” – Sofie Cato Mass