Lynne Sachs’ first film in Chick Docs- I Hate You

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The Film-Makers’ Coop: Chick Docs- I Hate You

Saturday, April 23 at 7:30pm
Union Docs

322 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Boredom, murder, dress-up, dress-down, the underworld and the inner world. Angry lost resigned women navigate you through a hormonal roller coaster with this collection of documents of events and emotions. This is a biography of the shadowlands of the female psyche, with no cause or apology. Curated from the Film-Makers’ Cooperative collection by Jasmine Hirst and Katherine Bauer.

I Was a Teenage Serial Killer by Sarah Jacobson

USA, 1993, 27 minutes, Digital Projection, Black and White

Mary was a good girl until she decides to kill all the “sexist pigs.” She of course encounters many, of which, and enjoys killing them.

Psycho Pussy Slaughter by Katherine Bauer

USA, 2007, 10 minutes, Digital Projection

The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is brought back from her long slumber on the wine of the Nile. She is defeated, shortly after sacrificing several felines and females in her bloody revenant rituals.

Trailers by Jasmine Hirst
USA, 2011, 30 minutes, Digital Projection, Color and Black and White

I met and filmed Aileen Wuornos on death row in Florida in 1997. We had been corresponding for 5 years when Aileen asked me to film her talking about the truth of her life and crimes as part of her preparation to die. I have

been trying to finish this feature length documentary since then. But can’t. There is something wrong with me. Instead I make two minute trailers about other films I’d like to make. This is a trailer of trailers.

Liar by Anne Hanavan
USA, 2006, 2 minutes, Digital Projection

Fourth in a series of sexually explicit self portraits where the artist works through issues surrounding her past experiences with sex work, rape, and Catholicism.

Heaven by Linda Dement

USA, 1986, 3 minutes, Digital Projection

Punk surreal darkness from the streets of early 1980′s Sydney; artist Jasmine Hirst eats diamonds, a dead pig’s eye is gouged out, a girl aims her rifle & shoots while a voice reads from Bataille’s “The Story of the Eye”

Still Life With Woman and Four Objects by Lynne Sachs
USA, 1986, 4 minutes, Digital Projection, Black and White

A film portrait that falls somewhere between a painting and a prose poem, a look at a woman’s daily routines and thoughts via an exploration of her as a “character”. By interweaving threads of history and fiction, the film is also a tribute to a real woman. – Emma Goldman, 1986

Trick Film by Lotta Teasin
USA, 1996, 6 minutes, Digital Projection

Activities at home with the Mistress and her naughty pet. Starring Y.B. naughty and Ima Bottom.

Death Love by Katherine Bauer

USA, 2011, 3 minutes,  16mm

A girl digs out of the earth what she has lost.

Double Your Pleasure by M. M. Serra

USA, 2002, 4 minutes, 16mm, Black and White

Sound by Jennifer Reeves. Part of the “Ad It Up” series of shorts that are parodies of commercials.

i hate you by Michelle Handelman

USA, 2002, 3 minutes, Digital Projection

Riffing off of Nauman’s early performance tapes, Handelman chants this negative affirmation into a song of personal endearment. Simultaneously self- reflexive, self-conscious, meditative and pathetically funny.