NYC high school students take part in #HandsUpWalkout – interview with parent Lynne Sachs


Posted 10:37 PM, December 1, 2014, by

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Students from several New York City High Schools walked out of their classrooms Monday afternoon at 1:01 p.m.

They joined a national demonstration called #HandsUpWalkout, a protest over the shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown.

Dozens of teenagers left classes at Bard High School Early College in the Lower East Side to join in. Lynne Sachs’ daughter Noa goes to the school. Noa did not ask for permission before she joined the demonstrations, however Sachs was not angry.

She told PIX11, “Everyday our kids are learning about American history but when they are inside the walls of the school, they are not living history.”

Brown’s death has energized and engaged young protestors from Ferguson to New York. For some families it’s prompted tough conversations about race, rights, policing, and respect.

“As parents we shouldn’t be lecturing, if anything we should be listening,” explains psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere.

Dr. Gardere believes parents can help their kids transform the energy of the protests into meaningful action, starting with one question: “Where can we come up with solutions together from children to adults from citizens to the police department, how do we all work together?”