Day Residue: A Hybrid Media & Performance Workshop at Hunter College MFA in Integrated Media Arts

Hunter College
Integrated Media Arts MFA
November 2018

Workshop Leader: Lynne Sachs
Technical Assistant & Video Documentation: Lingyun Zheng

Imagine a person who lived in the same room where you live now anytime between 1968 and the day you moved in. The person has some of the same qualities you have but is also quite different.

Shoot a 360° video in your room. At some point in the shot, a person should appear. This person could be you.

Workshop Participants:
Zoya Baker
Lee Favorite
Oscar Frasser
Cynthia Groya
Mary Grueser
Anne-Katrine Hansen
Janis Mahnure
Jordan Lord
Alina Mongolion-Volk
Philip Rosenbaum
Dongni Yang

Film Excerpts: Janis Mahnure and Zoya Baker

Thanks to:
Carol Adams, Kelly Anderson, Natalie Conn, Peter Jackson, Marty Lucas, Rebecca Shapass, Renato Tonelli