My Body, Your Body, Our Bodies: Somatic Cinema at Home and in the World by Lynne Sachs

How do we negotiate the photographing of images that contain the body? What experiential, political or aesthetic contingencies do we bring to both the making and viewing of a cinema that contains the human form? If a body is different from our own—in terms of gender, skin color, or age—do we frame it differently? As a juror at the 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival, New York filmmaker Lynne Sachs will guide her audience through her own evolution as a filmmaker by sharing excerpts from her films, from 1987 to the present. She will explore the fraught and bewildering challenge of looking at the human form from behind the lens.

With selections from:
Drawn and Quartered (4min) San Francisco, CA | 1986 | 4 | 16mm 
Sermons and Sacred Pictures: the Life and Work of Reverend L.O. Taylor (29min) Memphis, TN | 1989 | 29 | 16mm
The House of Science: a Museum of False Facts (30min) Tampa, FL/San Francisco, CA | 1991 | 30 | 16mm 
A Biography of Lilith (35min) San Francisco, CA | 1997 | 35 | 16mm
Window Work (9min) Owego, NY | 2000 | 9 | video 
Wind in Our Hair (Con Viento en el Pelo) (40min) Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2010 | 40 | 16mm and Super 8mm on video
Same Stream Twice (4min) Baltimore, MD/New York, NY | 2012 | 4 | 16mm 
Your Day is My Night (64min) New York, NY | 2013 | 64 | HD video and live performance 
And Then We Marched (3min) Washington, D.C. | 2017 | 3 | Super 8
A Year in Notes and Numbers (4min) New York, NY | 2017 | 4 | digital 
Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor (8min) New Paltz, NY/ New York, NY/Kristinehamn, Sweden | 2018 | 8 | Super 8 and 16mm film to digital 
The Washing Society (44min) New York, NY | 2018 | 44 | digital

Presented at:
• 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival – LIVE STREAM

• Punto de Vista Film Festival 2020 (Spain) – Cancelled due to COVID-19

Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, NJ) – Postponed due to COVID-19

Shapeshifters Cinema (Oakland, CA)

See images from the film here: