“In Their Own League” – Female Film-Maker Round Table

We’ve spoken a lot about female film-makers in our previous episodes, but this time we are lucky enough to talk TO three fantastic female film-makers.

Join @thefilmbee with League members @rosasreviews, @valeriekalfrin, @jmamenn and @shespoiledit to talk about the issues faced by female film-makers, and discuss ideas on how these can be resolved.

We are lucky to be joined by:
Sarah Macgregor (@filmcafeco-op)
Lynne Sachs (@lynnesachs1)
Sara Beth Edwards (@sbedwardsbaby)

Find out more about Sarah at http://filmcafeco-op.com/

Find out more about Lynne at http://lynnesachs.com/
(If you are interested in Lynne’s Film and Poetry workshop, please check out: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/frames-stanzas-a-film-and-poetry-workshop-tickets-122491546513?aff=erelpanelorg)

Find out more about SB at https://www.kissoffentertainment.com/