Tran Trang’s Blindness Series: My Letter to Helene Cixous

Thoughts on Tran Kim Trang’s Decade with Blindness: A Letter to Helene Cixous from Lynne Sachs “I want to see what is secret.  What is hidden amongst the visible.  I want to see the skin of the light.” from “Writing Blind:  Conversation with the Donkey” in Stigmata by Helene Cixous Dear Helene, …I begin by […]

Thoughts on the films of Gunvor Nelson

It’s taken me seventeen years to realize what an inspiration Gunvor Nelson is for me as a filmmaker, a teacher and a mother who allowed her work as an artist to grow and change as a result of her decision to become a parent.  Aspects of the life she led in the Bay Area during […]

Rudy Burckhardt Book review

Rudy Burckhardt’s Life and Work: How Wide is Sixth Avenue by Phillip Lopate Reviewed by Lynne Sachs For over twenty years, writer Philip Lopate was lucky enough to call artist Rudy Burckhardt (1914-1999) a friend. An afternoon visit to Burckhardts Chelsea loft would usually include a cup of tea or a bottle of beer and […]

Interview with Scott MacDonald

Interview with Scott MacDonald by Lynne Sachs Published in the Independent Film and Video Monthly I’ve been teaching filmmaking and film studies for just about a decade, and nothing has helped me introduce my students to the wonders of an alternative cinematic vision better than Scott MacDonald’s three volume set of books entitled A Critical […]