To Build a House

To build a house on a mountain, I find a place in my room where a cloud meets my eye. Capture the wind with my lips. Take notice of a bird writing eloquent script across the sky. Flickering in the morning yellow, Aspen leaves turning somersaults, Dark, light, dark, light. A moon and its negative […]

Script for Investigation of a Flame

Investigation of a Flame By Lynne Sachs Transcription …If I should leave you, I do remember all the good times. Long days filled with sunshine, and just a little… Tonight the cup of peril is full in Vietnam. Tonight as so many nights before young Americans struggle and young Americans die in a distant land. […]

First Steps in a Terra Incognita

FIRST STEPS IN A TERRA INCOGNITA BY LYNNE SACHS Feb. 17, 2001  I tell my next door neighbor that I’m going abroad for a couple of weeks and she wishes me a good vacation.  I tell my old boyfriend Sam, I’m going to Sarajevo on a student exchange program, and he asks me how it […]

Interview with Scott MacDonald

Interview with Scott MacDonald by Lynne Sachs Published in the Independent Film and Video Monthly I’ve been teaching filmmaking and film studies for just about a decade, and nothing has helped me introduce my students to the wonders of an alternative cinematic vision better than Scott MacDonald’s three volume set of books entitled A Critical […]

Biography of Lilith Transcript

A Biography of Lilith Script A 35 min film by Lynne Sachs MUSIC: Pamela Z sings “Bone Music” NARRATION: When God created Adam from the earth, he realized that it was not good for man to exist alone, so he created a woman out of dirt and impure sediment just as he had created Adam. […]

Which Way is East Transcript

Which Way is East, 16mm, color, sound, 33 min. 1994 by Lynne Sachs LYNNE: When I was six years old, I would lie on the living room couch, hang my head over the edge, let my hair swing against the floor and watch the evening news upside-down. A frog that sits at the bottom of […]