The New Yorker on Every Fold Matters

The piece, created by the playwright and director Lizzie Olesker and the filmmaker Lynne Sachs, highlights the perspective of laundry workers. It’s playing for three nights at a Brooklyn laundromat, performed by the singer and actress Jasmine Holloway, the actress and dancer Veraalba Santa, and the actors Ching Valdes-Aran and Tony Torn.

The Brooklyn Rail: “Laundromat-Theater: Where Every Fold Matters”

The legacy of domestic work, the issues surrounding power, and the exchange of money for services are all potent themes which rise to the surface and bubble over in dramatic, thrilling escalations of the everyday. A laundromat is a public space where something private occurs; it is the opposite of a typical theater, a private space in which a public event occurs. Nearly every element of Every Fold Matters pushes the boundaries of what is private and what is public, what is real and what is fiction, and where we find narrative fulfillment in any of the above.

NYC high school students take part in #HandsUpWalkout – interview with parent Lynne Sachs

  Posted 10:37 PM, December 1, 2014, by Ayana Harry NEW YORK (PIX11) – Students from several New York City High Schools walked out of their classrooms Monday afternoon at 1:01 p.m. They joined a national demonstration called #HandsUpWalkout, a protest over the shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown. Dozens of teenagers left […]

That’s Shanghai Magazine interviews Lynne Sachs

INTERVIEW: Experimental documentary filmmaker Lynne Sachs 16 Dec 2014 by Tamia Tang Link to “That’s Shanghai”: Image above: “What Happened in the Dragon Year?” by Xun Sun, mural painting displayed in Shanghai Biennale 2014. Award-winning American experimental filmmaker Lynne Sachs recently visited Shanghai for the Second China Women’s Film Festival with her latest offering Your […]

Documentary on 2nd China Women’s Film Festival 2014

Here is a wonderful half-hour documentary on women and film in China and the China Women’s Film Festival which took place Nov. 21 – 30, 2014 in Beijing and Shanghai. I was honored to spend nine days as an invited director and participant. During this time, I screened three of my films “The House of […]

Yes, No and an Occasional Maybe

I feel a closeness with writers, poets and painters, much more than with traditional film “directors.” We share a love of collage. In the kinds of films I make, there are fissures in terms of how something leads to something else. Relationships and associations aren’t fixed.

Chicago’s Cine-File Reviews Your Day is My Night

It’s far from a straightforward documentary, but much of what makes it so experimental actually happened off-screen; in 2011, after first learning about “hot bed houses” from a family member, Sachs decided to collaborate with her cast rather than merely film them recounting their stories.

“Taking a Documentary Detour” – a mixed media lecture by Lynne Sachs

                Presented at: Les Encuentros del otro festival cine festival international de cine documental, Quito, Ecuador;  RIDE Risk/Dare/ Experiment Lecture at Pratt Institute; UC Berkeley Rhetoric Department; University of Southern California Cinema Department; Boston Museum School  “Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.” […]