States of UnBelonging reviewed in The Jewish Weekly

Of all the literary formats, the essay, perhaps, seems the least suited to cinematic adaptation; with its intensely personal nature and often rambling paragraphs, it appears to elude the sort of tight structural discipline demanded of a coherent piece of film. All of which makes Lynne Sachs’ achievement all the more impressive: Here is a cine-essay, maintaining all the benefits of the original format while adhering to the demands of the visual. At the heart of the film is Sachs’ two-year exchange of letters and pictures with her Israeli friend Nir Zats, an exchange that begins when Revital Ohayon, an Israeli filmmaker and mother, is killed in a terrorist attack on her kibbutz near the West Bank.

Lynne Sachs Artworld Interview from China

As far as I know, you have always been teaching in the field of movie in the university. Which courses do you mainly teach? That has brought a lot of convenience to your creative work.

Review of Which Way is East and Investigation of a Flame in LA Weekly

In her new film, Investigation of a Flame, experimental filmmaker Lynne Sachs returns to May 1968, as the U.S. under Lyndon Johnson grew increasingly embroiled in Vietnam, and sentiment about the war was decidedly split. The film opens with a volatile mix of footage showing Johnson addressing the nation, shots of American troops carrying injured soldiers, and home-movie footage of teenage boys.

Review of Investigation of a Flame in The Nation

She’s got the surviving protestors down on film, Philip and Daniel Berrigan among them; and she’s got other interested parties too, including the district attorney who prosecuted the Nine and one of the jurors who convicted them. The juror weeps now, out of respect for their courage.

Lynne Sachs and Investigation of a Flame in Baltimore Sun

Igniting a Movement Baltimore Sun, May 3, 2001 Lynne Sachs’ new documentary on the Catonsville Nine shows us an era of protest beginning with soul-searching and civility. By Carl Schoettler Article on Lynne Sachs in Baltimore Sun The Catonsville Nine have become legendary in the three decades since the group’s May 1968 “action” against the […]

Investigation of a Flame in the New York Times

Keeping Alive the Spirit of Vietnam War Protest By Francis X. Clines, New York Times, May 3, 2001 CATONSVILLE, Md. May 2 — As they round out their eighth decade, the Berrigan brothers, Philip and Daniel, are entitled to retire from the protest wars, but they are still up to their fervid old ways of […]