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Various Experimental Film Programs

“New Experimental Film Works”
at the  Fells Point Creative Alliance. Baltimore, Maryland
Presented by Lynne Sachs and Mark Street
Thursday – December 9, 1999

From Ann Arbor to Austin to Arcata, local fimmakers Mark Street and Lynne Sachs have been travelling to film festivals around the country and in Europe this year showing their own work and watching an amazing selection of new alternative cinema.  Tonight they will bring back to Baltimore some of the most compelling, ground-breaking experimental films being made in America today.  A surreal allegory on a Canadian farm, a meditation on Cuban streetlife, an Eastern European tease on the notion of history– the work is audacious, lyrical and on occasion sublime.  Two of the filmmakers — Paula Froehle (Chicago) and Jenny Perlin (New York City) — will attend their Baltimore premieres in order to discuss their work and to answer questions from the audience.

“Chemistries”, Daven Gee, 10 min.
“Meditations on Revolution, Part I” by Robert Fenz, 10 min.
“The Whole History of That” by Jenny Perlin, 17 min.
“We are Going Home” by Jennifer Reeves, 10 min.
“Fever” by Paul Froehle, 6 min.
“Flight” by Greta Snider, 7 min.
“Twilight Psalm II:  Walking Distance” by Phil Solomon, 15min.


5 States of UnBelonging

LINK Film and Video Program
March 31, 2000

Curated by Mark Street and Lynne Sachs

“Fells Point 99”, Isaac Cynkar, 1999
(4 min. excerpt)

“Sight Unseen (a travelog)”, Jonathan Robinson, 1990
(5 min. excerpt)

“Land Without Bread”,  Luis Bunuel, 1932
(6 min. excerpt)

“Mercy”, Abigail Child, 1989
(3 min. excerpt)

“The Past is a Foreign Country”, Joanna Racynskza, 1998
(5 min. excerpt)