Feminist Queer Movie Month in Kyoto: Barbara Hammer

Kyoto Minami Kaikan Art House
Feminist Queer Movie Month
in Kyoto: Barbara Hammer
2021.12.26 ―― 12.26


★ 12/26 ㊐ One-day limited screening!
Screening starts from 15:00

▼ Films (a total of four works / total of 58 minutes)
Bent Time
Vever (For Barbara)
So Many Ideas Impossible To Do All
A month of Single Frames (for Barbara Hammer)

[Requests and Notices] ★ Please be
sure to wear a mask inside the building.

▶ ︎Online tickets are on sale from 0:00 3 days before to 30 minutes before the screening!
* If the screening schedule is being adjusted, the above may not apply.

▮ Bent Time 

USA / 1984/22 minutes
Director / Shoot / Edit: Barbara Hammer
Music: Pauline Oliveros

A work inspired by the remarks of scientists who advocated that light rays bend at the edge of the universe and that time also bends. Along with the meditative original score of electronic musician Pauline Oliveros, the scenery of Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico and the cityscape of Newyork, taken with a 9mm wide-angle lens, feels like time is distorted. Bring.

Ⓒ Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

▮ Vever (For Barbara) 

USA / 2019 / English / Color / Digital / 12 minutes
Director / Editing / Sound: Deborah Stratman
Shooting / Voice: Barbara Hammer
Text / Local Recording: Maya Deren Figure
: Sadaji Ito Music: Catherine Bournefeld, Sadaji Ito , George Hardau
Courtesy of: Pythagoras Film

A work created by Maya Deren and Barbara Hammer starting from their respective unfinished projects. A video of Hammer traveling on a motorcycle in Guatemala in 1975 is linked to a story about the rituals in Haiti that Delen met in the 1950s and his experience of failure. Three filmmakers of different generations explore the possibility of replacing the power structure of which they are part.

▮So Many Ideas Impossible To Do All

USA / 2019 / Color / Digital / 11 minutes
Director / Edit :: Mark Street

Hammer, who was looking to create a work from the records of the correspondence between Jane Waudening (Brachage) and Barbara Hammer from 1973 to 1985, told the filmmaker Mark Street in 2018 that all the materials and “Jane”· A work produced by taking over the footage of “Brackage” (1974). Draws a complex friendship that connects Wodening and Hummer’s long distance.

▮ A Month Of Single Frames (For Barbara Hammer)

USA / 2019 / English / Color / Digital / 14 minutes
Director: Lynne Sachs, Barbara Hammer Photo: Barbara Hammer
Editing / Text (on-screen): Lynne Sachs
66th Overhausen Short Film Festival Grand Prix Winner

In 1998, Barbara Hammer kept a diary, recording various sounds and landscapes around him while staying in a seaside hut in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, where neither electricity nor water was available. This work was created as a process of confronting one’s own death, entrusting all the records created at that time to the filmmaker Lin Sachs. Along with the eyes of observing the quietly buzzing colors and sounds of nature, thoughts about loneliness and aging emerge.