Clint Roenisch Gallery presents “A Month of Single Frames” as a part of the exhibition “A Temple Most August”

10 June – 1 September

Clint Roenisch Gallery is pleased to present our summer group show, A Temple Most August. The exhibition brings together artists from London, Vienna, Moncton, Brussels, Toronto, Santa Fe, Montreal and Brooklyn, presenting paintings on silk and linen, glasswork, photography, an amphora, photocollage, textiles, embroideries, and a mesmerizing film. After a trying winter and reluctant spring the exhibition heralds the unfurling of more canicular days, verdant and open, the senses receptive. In 1672 a haiku master in Edo began to attract a steady following of disciples, who supplied him with a small hut in which he could write and teach. A banana tree, exotic to Japan, was planted in front of the hut, and pleased the poet so much that he took for his writing name “Bashō,” the Japanese word for “banana plant.” 

“Temple bells die out.
The fragrant blossoms remain.
A perfect evening!”

– Bashō, circa 1688

Featured Artists
Abdul Sharif Baruwa
Anna Torma
Emma Talbot
Heather Goodchild
Jennifer Murphy
Lorna Bauer
Lynne Sachs
Sarah Cale
Willard van Dyke