DocNYC: Monday Memos features MoMI Retro and “Film About a Father Who” Release

DOC NYC newsletter
Jan. 18, 2021
by Jordan M. Smith

Lynne Sachs: Between Thought and Expression

Kat Sachs explores the Museum of the Moving Image’s new retrospective in MUBI’s Notebook: “Someone introduced themselves to me at a film festival where one of Lynne Sachs’s films was screening. I introduced myself in return, and their eyes lit up. ‘Are you Lynne Sachs?’ they asked, having apparently heard only my last name. No, I am not Lynne Sachs (obviously), nor am I related to her. But I enjoy relaying this anecdote, in part because it’s so flattering to have been momentarily mistaken for the experimental filmmaker, writer, and artist whose work I greatly admire. While I have no direct connection to Sachs, after recently watching so many of her films in such a brief period of time—on the occasion of the Museum of the Moving Image’s inspired retrospective, ‘Lynne Sachs: Between Thought and Expression,’ organized by assistant curator Edo Choi and available to stream online here between January 13 – 31, 2021—I do feel as though I know her.”

Film About A Father Who

Available via Virtual Cinemas

  • Pat Brown at Slant:
    • “Beyond attempting to come to terms with Ira the philanderer and the ways his laissez-faire approach to relationships with women has shaped her life and those of her siblings, Film About a Father Who also explores the relationship between recording and remembering, the way past and present inform each other as the stored memories of film and video footage are brought together into a coherent shape. It’s an evocative distillation of some truth from the sprawling m