An impressionistic odyssey for the eyes becomes both haunting and delightful in this moving image dream expedition.

Mary Moylan: Nine Years Underground

“Mary Moylan: 9 years underground”  by Lynne Sachs a multi-media biography using video, audio, postcards and artifacts Premiere:  Maryland Film Festival, Charles Theatre;  Maryland Art Place Artist Residency Mary Moylan, a 32-year-old registered nurse and midwife from Baltimore, was one of two women in the infamous 1968 anti-war group the Catonsville Nine. A feminist and […]

The House of Drafts: A Bosnian-American Web Collaboration

THE HOUSE OF DRAFTS/ DOM PROMAHA House of Drafts/ Dom Promaha is a virtual apartment building inhabited by the imaginary characters created by eight Bosnian and two American media artists.  Our characters have refused the opportunities of exile and instead have chosen to stay in Sarajevo.  We invite you to enter this apartment building […]

Horror Vacui: Nature Abhors a Vacuum synopsis

A woman drinks tea, washes a window, reads the paper– simple tasks that suggest a desire to fill time with either movement or thought.  Sometimes she hears the rhythmic, pulsing symphony of crickets in a Baltimore summer night. Other times jangling toys dissolve into the roar of a jet overhead, or children tremble at the […]

Various Experimental Film Programs

From Ann Arbor to Austin to Arcata, local fimmakers Mark Street and Lynne Sachs have been travelling to film festivals around the country and in Europe this year showing their own work and watching an amazing selection of new alternative cinema.