Co-directed by Lynne Sachs and Susan Agliata with the support of the New York Public Library Abecedarium:NYC is an interactive online exhibition that reflects on the history, geography, and culture – both above and below ground – of New York City through 26 unusual words. Using original video, animation, photography and sound, Abecedarium:NYC constructs visual […]

XY Chromosome Project #3 “Cinematic Seeds and Mordant Vines”

“From archival snips of an educational film on the weather to cine poems in full blossom, Brooklyn film “avant-gardeners” Mark Street and Lynne Sachs create their 3rd XY CHROMOSOME PROJECT at Other Cinema at ATA in San Francisco. This program of 10 short films on both single and double screen gleans audio-visual crops from the […]

Abecedarium paintings by Lynne Sachs

During a two week artist residency in December, 2006 at the McDowell Colony I painted alphabet images in preparation for the creation of Abecedarium:NYC at   Here are a few samples.    Lynne

For Life Against the War, Again

In 1967, with the Vietnam War escalating wildly, an invitation was issued to filmmakers to create works running under three minutes in protest against the accumulating carnage. The original organizers chose the rubric For Life, Against the War, and eventually compiled sixty films from the likes of Robert Breer, Shirley Clarke, Storm De Hirsch, Ken Jacobs, Larry Jordan, Jonas Mekas, Stan Vanderbeek, and many others. Now, decades later, an invitation to protest yet another war seemed sadly urgent, inspiring the New York Film-makers Cooperative to ring the clarion once “. . . Again.”

XY Chromosome Project #2 “City Salvage”

Lynne Sachs and Mark Street With special guests audio pranksters Bosko Blagojevic and Zach Poff CITY SALVAGE is the second installment of Lynne and Mark’s XY Chromosome project, a dynamic feast for the eyes, ears and mind that considers the cities of HANOI, SANTIAGO, BUFFALO, SAO PAOLO, PRAGUE, NEW YORK, TEL AVIV & SAN FRANCISCO, […]