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Reflections on a Crackerjack World

 A birthday party snapshot I found in an antique shop.

A birthday party snapshot I found in an antique shop.

Reflections on a Crackerjack World

In the crackerjack world of default birthday parties

A five-year-old boy plays pyrotechnical

With the soft air of his little lung.

Flames dance like zoftig gogo girls

On the parapet

Of a cake purchased yesterday

At the industrial bakery in the A&P.

Our children

Perform split-second happiness for the camera

As we watch their wide eyes and their hunger tongues

Hold forth

On clandestine birthday wishes

We vow will only come true


Lynne Sachs
February, 2012

Also found at the Saint Lucy Photo and Essay website:


On awaiting our child, a poem


To Mark: On awaiting our child

On a summer day,

Warmth on my skin,

Droplets of wetness dancing across my brow,

I walk from the vertebrae to the outer limbs

From Broadway to the Hudson.

Reeling from a shift in my body that neither of us can yet name.

In the crevices of a tomorrow mystery

Delight in the glow of the dark,

Feeling our way

The hold-on-for-dear-life-ness.

How do we explain the sensation of a shared thirst on a rainy day?

A twin hunger for joyous fear that lands on lips.

We spin around and around

Dizzily landing, hands grasping,

You as my anchor, my compass, my wings, together

We wait.


March 30, 2011