‘Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor’ in Noise Spectrum Frequencies / Process Experimental Film Festival

Noise Spectrum Frequencies
Process Experimental Film Festival
May 17, 2023

The 5th Experimental Film Festival Process will take place from 17 to 21 May in Riga, Latvia.

Wednesday, 17 May 18:00, Vagonu Hall

Noise Spectrum Frequencies 

Curators: Kristaps Epners, Rvīns Varde, Adriāna Roze, Mailo Štern, Rihards T. Endriksons, Marija Luīze Meļķe, Artis Svece

We approached seven people from different fields whose thoughts we resonate with. We asked them to choose one of the submitted films that they feel in some way connected to. This kaleidoscopic programme consists of works selected by this varied group of curators, celebrating the different perspectives, sensibilities and approaches on the side of filmmakers as well as spectators.

Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor. Lynne Sachs

US / 2018 / 8′ / sound / 16mm to digital  

Skyscraper Film. Federica Foglia

Italy / 2023 / 8′ / sound / 16mm to digital

Sight Leak. Zuqiang Peng

China / 2022 / 12′ / sound / Super 8, 16mm to digital

Sky Room. Marianna Milhorat

US / 2017 / 6′ / sound / 16mm, 35mm to digital

Potemkin Piece. Justin Clifford Rhody 

US / 2022 / 1′ / sound / 35mm to digital

Ashes by name is man / Popiół imieniem jest człowieka. Ewelina Rosińska

Poland, Germany  / 2023 / 20′ / sound / 16mm to digital

Transhumance. Elodie Ferré

France / 2023 / 5′ / digital sound / 16mm

About Process Experimental Film Festival

The 5th Experimental Film Festival Process will take place from 17 to 21 May in Riga, Latvia.

Organized by the artist-run film lab Baltic Analog Lab, the festival is dedicated to the diverse analog cinema practices employed by adventurous audiovisual artists from around the world. The programme comprises film screenings, live performances, installations, talks, and, of course, parties.

This year, Process will explore the subject of “noise spectrum”, looking at different forms of noise as a physical, mental and social phenomenon: a noise that’s capable of both disruption and connection.

In collaboration with the SPECTRAL project carried out by six European artist-run filmlabs, this year’s festival will pay special attention to the practice of expanded cinema, exhibiting performances in three curated programmes as well as at the opening night. 

Beside focus programmes and events, Process will present three programmes of short films made by various international artists. This time the programmes were selected by guest-curators Aurélie Percevault (Mire, France), Ulrich Ziemons (Arsenal, Germany), as well as Lāsma Bērtule and Ieva Balode (Baltic Analog Lab, Latvia).

The Festival is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Ministry of Culture of Latvia, Riga City Council and Creative Europe.