Epistolary: A Letter to Jean Vigo at Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata (Buenos Aires)

In Theaters: October 5, 2021 – 9:30PM ; Online: October 10-12

In E-pis-to-lar-y: letter to Jean Vigo, Lynne Sachs reflects on the delicate resonances between the 1933 classic Zero for Conduct in which a group of schoolchildren wage an anarchist rebellion against their authoritarian teachers.

Thinking about the insurrection of January 6, 2021 in the United States Capitol by right-wing protesters, Lynne Sachs wonders how innocent play or calculated protest can so quickly turn into chaos and violence?

Every film I make is a reflection of ideas that infiltrate my mind, intertwined with my daily reality. I’m fascinated with the urge to disobey, with anarchic desires, and continually wondering how best to confront authority. It is in this deep ambivalence that I decide to make E-pis-to-lar-y: letter to Jean Vigo, a correspondence through cinema with Vigo, director of the exquisite Zero for Conduct, in a nod to irreverent and bad children behaviors. Making this movie gave me the opportunity to fight the horrors of January 6, 2021.

Lynne Sachs (United States, Memphis, 1961)
Filmmaker and poet living in NY. His work explores an intricate relationship between his personal observations and the extensive historical experience plotting together text, collage, painting, politics. Strongly engaged in a feminist dialogue between film theory and practice, she seeks a rigorous play between image and sound, reinforcing the aura and visual texture of her work in each project.


The world of the future bears little resemblance to our dystopian nightmares. There are fewer helpful automata than submissive humans. And it seems that hyperconnection dwarfed the world instead of enlarging it. The contact became a link.

The inner adventure of a year ago became normal. And doing the things that we liked was reduced to a memory. It took us a long time to get back to the theaters, but we did. This year, FestiFreak returns to common spaces, to the joint habitability of the place that always sheltered us and where the best fantasies are possible.

Although with the necessary public restrictions in the framework of the pandemic, FestiFreak will have functions at the INCAA Cine Select and Cine EcoSelect Spaces in La Plata, and also at the En Eso Somos Cultural Center. There we will find ourselves reversing the inertia of isolation and apathy that the virus brought. Taking care of the disease and enjoying the company of others, the unpredictable coexistence with other people, other looks and other worlds.

And we will continue in virtuality. The hybridization that began last year showed us that there is a wide audience out there that values the curatorship of the festival and the search for new ways of making films. That he is greedy and curious, like those of us who do FestiFreak, for films that leave the convention, that they exceed and that they experiment. They are more than we thought and they are far away. For them, and for those who cannot enter the room due to sanitary limits, our online programming will be available.

We will also expand into Europe again. This time with a special program co-produced with Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam) in direct connection with Argentina.

# 17FestiFreak will be held between October 1 and 17, 2021. It will have its national competitions, its international exhibition, its training space dedicated to audiovisual preservation, its expanded version and new ways of intervening and interacting with the cinematographic image in different formats. Whether in a room, virtually, with a projector or a magnetic tape as mediators, we were always on the screens. That was our place. As in a loop that has never stopped,

We invite you to return.