The Task of the Translator

Sachs pays homage to Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Task of the Translator” through three studies of the human body. First, she listens to the musings of a wartime doctor grappling with the task of a kind-of cosmetic surgery for corpses. Second, she witnesses a group of Classics scholars confronted with the haunting yet whimsical task of translating a newspaper article on Iraqi burial rituals into Latin. And finally, she turns to a radio news report on human remains.

Wind in Our Hair

Inspired by the stories of Argentine writer Julio Cortázar, yet blended with the realities of contemporary Argentina, “Wind in Our Hair” is an experimental narrative directed by New York filmmaker Lynne Sachs about four girls discovering themselves through a fascination with the trains that pass by their house. A story of early-teen anticipation and disappointment, “Wind in Our Hair” is circumscribed by a period of profound Argentine political and social unrest.

Cuadro por Cuadro (Frame by Frame)

In “Cuadro por cuadro”, Lynne Sachs and Mark Street put on a workshop (taller in Spanish) with a group of Uruguan media artists to create handpainted experimental films in the spirit of Stan Brakhage. Sachs and Street collaborate with their students at the Fundacion de Arte Contemporaneo by painting on 16 and 35 mm film, then bleaching it and then hanging it to dry on the roof of the artists’ collective in Montevideo in July, 2009.

The Last Happy Day

“A fascinating, unconventional approach to a Holocaust-related story … a frequently charming work that makes no effort to disguise an underlying melancholy.” George Robinson, The Jewish Week

Coney Island of the Mind

A short film by Lynne Sachs in celebration of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s great poem “Coney Island of the Mind”.

Looking for Umbels

Filmmaker Lynne Sachs looks for umbels in New York City. An umbel is a flower cluster in which all stalks arise from the same center point.

Moon Watching in the Big Apple

Filmmaker Lynne Sachs wanted to understand the world SELENOGRAPHY so she traipsed around New York City from Fresh Kills State Park in Staten Island (the darkest place in the city) to the Lower East Side looking for the moon.