“Where do framed bodies go?” by Lynne Sachs / Analog Cookbook Issue #7 – Analog Erotica

“Where do framed bodies go?”
by Lynne Sachs
Analog Cookbook Issue #7 – Analog Erotica
June 28, 2023

Analog Cookbook Issue #7 – Analog Erotica
University of North Carolina Press
Edited by Kate E. Hinshaw
June 28, 2023

Distributed for Analog Cookbook LLC

The 7th issue of Analog Cookbook, titled Analog Erotica, looks at sexuality, erotic imagery, and pornography’s contributions to radical artistic practices in relation to analog media.

Human sexuality is a ubiquitous part of our film culture; magazines, television, books, & the internet. Often used to oppress and objectify the complicated lived experiences of both subjects and makers, a less reductive platform might explore the ways in which sexuality has been a useful tool for liberation, expression, agency, and personal exploration. Analog artists and filmmakers have used celluloid to explore sexuality, the body, and queer identity outside of traditional filmmaking modes and societal norms.

From found pornography films that contain footage from the golden porn years of 1970s New York, to hand-crafted cinema that explores performance of sexuality and gender–artists have used the film medium to expand on, reclaim, and reframe sexuality, pornography, and erotic imagery to look at culture and our personhood. This issue will look at these analog makers, past and present, continuing the conversation, while bringing new ideas to the table.

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